The art of mosaic with Pilkington Microwhite

Thanks to the use of patented nanotechnologies, Mutaforma has created TILLA®, the smallest square glass tile in the world, measuring as little as 1.5 mm square and 1 mm thickness. The product changes the optical properties of the glass and is used to create dramatic visual effects.

Inspired by the ancient culture of glass mosaic and following many years of research, Mutaforma has developed a technology, proudly conceived and produced entirely in Italy – the result is a stunning micromosaic artistic and decorative wall and floor covering.

A true architectural "second skin", which due to its versatility and flexibility, can be applied to a wide range of surfaces, offering design solutions to satisfy every requirement such as: retail; residential; yachting; swimming pools and spas.

Mutaforma claims that there are no design limitations as each project can be customised to the client’s requirements.

The TILLA® glass tiles made of Pilkington Microwhite™ are used to transform architectural surfaces by applying decorative designs or backlit panels to produce exclusive artworks with a strong visual impact to create a unique environment using chromatic effects – unlike anything seen before.