Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò for Matrice by CEDIT

In collaboration with the brand CEDIT - Ceramics of Italy, the designers Barbara Brondi and Marco Rainò - founders of the BRH+ studio based in Turin since 2002 - bring their own architectural know-how to plumb the potentials of the ceramic material.

In the collection Matrice, the two eclectic architects analyze the different surface coverage of the ceramic surface, with the aim of creating a line inspired by the concrete, icon of modernity and subject to be interpreted according to unusual codes.

The project, including two wide ranges of rectified porcelain stoneware slabs, with or without decorations, stands out for the possibility of getting an equally wide range of compositions, floor and wall covering, internal or external.

Different finishes and modular formats are available, as well as several patterns of linear incisions that can be stuccoed manually with strong colors, designed to enhance the tiles with geometric elements. These patterns, multiplying on the surface, generate the perceptual loss of the joint between each ceramic element, avoiding the traditional orthogonal hardness of the installation grid.

Specifically, six versions of simple slabs are proposed: Essenza (Essence), Sostanza (Substance), Aura, Struttura (Structure), Rilievo (Relief), Forma (Shape), and Traccia (Sketch). All 10 mm thick, these are available in the formats 80x180, 40x180, 80x80, 40x80, 20x80. Essence and Substance are also available in the large formats 120x240, 120x120 e 60x120.

There are three different types of decorated ceramic slabs: Pattern 1, Pattern 2 and Pattern 3. The first, 6mm thick, available in the formats 120x240, 120x120 e 60x120; Pattern 2, 10mm thick, sizes 80x180, 40x180, 80x80, 40x80 e 20x80; Pattern 3, 10mm thick, sizes 80x80, 40x80, 20x80.