To Be: from marble to cement and wood

TO BE embodies the new conception of ceramics that Cercom dedicates to contemporary design, open to combinations of different materials and finishes, which is available in several effects.

The porcelain stoneware TO BE MARBLE LIGHT & DARK is inspired by marble. The project, complete and across-the-board, is characterized by a variety of modular formats, including the large slabs 80x180 up to the 2.2x2.2 mosaic, several finishes and special pieces, in order to meet all architecture needs.

On the other hand, TO BE CONCRETE is inspired by cement, the industrial material par excellence. The collection has five neutral colors with gradation including the whiteness of Gesso, the elegance of Grigio, the versatility of Corda, the refinement of Peltro and, finally, the depth of Antracite. The variety of sizes and equipment offers the best customization of each space. The proposals in the format 80x80, with a thickness of 19 mm and 10 mm, with an R11 grip finish (specifically designed for outdoors), are also suitable for contemporary outdoor environments.

TO BE WOOD completes the range. It is an industrial, elegant and minimalist interpretation of wood, developed in three formats and five colors, modern and trendy, perfectly coordinated with TO BE CONCRETE. Proposed in the blocks 15x120 and 20x180 cm and the slabs 80x180 cm, it offers new opportunities and original laying solutions.

* Technical info

  • Material: Fine porcelain stoneware
  • Colors and formats:
    • Marble Light&Dark
      • Statuario - Renoir - Portoro
      • Thickness 8.5 mm - cm 80x180 | 80x20 | 100x100 | 50x100
      • Thickness 10 mm - cm 60x120 | 60x60 |30x60
    • Concrete
      • Gesso | Grigio | Corda | Peltro | Antracite
      • Thickness 8.5 mm - cm 100x100 | 50x100
      • Thickness 10 mm - cm 80x80 | 40x80 | 60x120 | 60x60 | 30x60
      • Thickness 19 mm R11 (Grigio | Corda | Antracite) - cm 80x80
      • Thickness 10 mm R11 (Grigio | Corda | Antracite) - cm 80x80
    • Wood
      • Gesso | Grigio | Corda | Peltro | Antracite
      • Thickness 10 mm - cm 15x120 | 20x180 | 80x180