Between terracotta and concrete: Fangorosa proposals

There are three new collections presented by Fangorosa on the occasion of the Milan Design Week: a terracotta of Lombard origin, one from Umbria and a concrete floor.

The variegated terracotta, coming from Lombardy, is an absolute novelty within the Fangorosa proposal and involves the use of two different clays, coarsely kneaded to obtain the typical variegated effect, here in shades of white and black, which animated houses and historic homes for more than four centuries.

The Umbrian terracotta is instead declined in an extremely thin rectangular element, with a herringbone motif, called a cigar: the traditional earth color and the material consistency immediately refer to the intimate dimension of the hearth.

Sicilian Cement is the son of the industrial revolution and has established itself as a resistant and easy-to-work flooring material. Fangorosa recovers its tradition, experimenting with color combinations and special decorations, according to the taste of contemporary design, in a hexagonal covering proposed in denim shades, inspired by jeans.