Ceppo di Grés: new ceramic proposal by Cercom

A single glance will suffice to understand the inspiration behind Ceppo di Grés, the new Cercom collection that interprets a natural stone, characteristic of north-western Italy, in full-body porcelain stoneware. The irregular texture, which features intrusions and stratifications, seemingly composed of heterogeneous materials is a well-known and noble presence in architecture, whose charm continues to inspire exquisite projects for residential and commercial interiors and exteriors.

Cercom's constant stylistic research focused on chromatic selection to customize the unique graphic texture of the product. The greyish-blue nuances of the stone of inspiration, found in the Grigio version, are accompanied by the luminous Avorio, the elegant Sabbia, the eclectic Verde and the intense Nero. Versatile colours, well suited for use in architecture and furnishings as, with their countless details, they characterize a specific palette for each family of tones.

Ceppo di Grés features a natural finish that is extremely chic, yet with a rustic feel, and a version with an R11 grip surface, making the collection also suitable for outdoor use. The collection is available in sizes: cm 120x120, 60x120, 60x60