Charwood and Gemme: the new wood and marble effects by Serenissima

Charwood and Gemme. These are the names of the two new ceramic collections presented by Serenissima at Coverings 2017, inspired by the wood and marble and produced with the most modern technologies.

Gemme includes surfaces with colors, shades and streaks of the marble in its contemporary form. With the wide range of available sizes, from 5x5, 80x180 and 100x100 cm mosaics, the stoneware porcelain line allows you to create environments in line with the current interiors’ trends.

With Charwood, the brand aims at interpreting the secular Japanese technique "Shou Sugi Ban", used to treat wood and make it more durable and unchangeable. The special effects of this artistic finish have been translated into three intense colors that create chiaroscuro and almost metallic polish effects.