Duncan by Nordceram: style of urban living

The decisive approach to the development process of the Duncan ceramic series by Nordceram brand was "let yourself be driven". Past cafés, parks and squares that show the colorful life, but also movement, light and shadow. What does it do to colors, shapes and surfaces that surround us and how does it influence the architecture of modern urban centers. The aim of this new surfaces collection is in fact to capture moods and make visible the blurring boundaries of modern living.

With the Duncan series in the 60 x 60 cm and 30 x 60 cm formats, Nordceram succeeds in bundling the complexity of urban lifestyles and transporting it into the world of porcelain stoneware.

Rectified and in the colors light grey, grey, beige and anthracite, it gives a face to the spirit of urban life. Thus, the Duncan series represents a stylish homage to living together. In the loft, in the shop, in the entrance.

The exciting stone-cement mix interprets modernity and impresses on the surface with partly undefined patterns of movement - just as they are written by life.

And where there is movement there should be no lack of slip resistance. With the achieved R10/B classification, the matching treads, the 5 x 5 cm mosaics and the corresponding skirting boards, the Duncan series completes the picture as an aesthetically coordinated complete solution.