Élitis 2022 news between style and sustainability

Élitis, French company specializing in wallpaper, wall coverings, fabrics and accessories for the home, presents the first part of the 2022 collection in a more contemporary and minimal design that renews its image.

The lines of the new coverings and wallpapers are the result of constant research on materials, patterns, shapes, techniques and artistic expressions. In the novelties signed by the French maison, the memory of natural materials and ancient cultures is combined with the imagination of still unexplored techniques and combinations.

In the Merida wall covering, raffia in a pop and contemporary version is a great protagonist. While, in the Mouvements line, the innovative techniques of lacquered 3D printing and laser engraving are the bearers of new almost pictorial effects, suspended between glossy and opaque, between background and relief.

Among the Bois sculpté wallpapers, it seems to welcome a sculptor's workshop into the heart, with all the baggage of sensations and perceptions that it contains. The references to ancient Korean fabrics are at the center of the La Caravane collection, characterized by a patchwork of weaves.

The compositions in Voiles de papier are real flights of fancy on a panorama made up of different textures, combinations, techniques and signs, but always able to give a wonderful picture effect. Finally, Grand Hôtel is the line of wallpaper by Élitis which, in an entirely Art Deco style, translates the inlay and geometric beam codes of the 1930s onto the wall.

The new Élitis proposal also brings with it a great respect for the environment and for health, with products that boast the lowest level of emission in the air (category A), preferring water-based inks, using solvent-free vinyl and based on natural plasticizers and giving priority to recyclable materials as much as possible.