Emilceramica presents EVO-Q

Neutral shades, soft modern colors, and minimal styles reveal the desire for elegant natural atmospheres.

This was the idea underlying the Evo-Q collection by Emilceramica, quartzite that interprets current trends, an expression of a sober taste through the natural colors of stone: white, sand, light grey and dark grey.

Evo-Q is a complex, variegated project for formats, finishes and structures. It was created to offer the opportunity to freely design a variety of rooms with different styles, tastes and dimensions. Public and private spaces, and large and small rooms: each has its own unique personality, precise and distinct.

Different atmospheres emerge from combinations of smooth or three-dimensional structures, with natural finishes overlapping to create contrasting surfaces for an elegant and balanced setting.

The EVO-Q series has a variety of rectangular formats that are more suitable for the direction of veins, such as the 80x180 format, introduced for the first time by Provenza.

The richness of this series lies in its diverse stone finishing techniques, such as chiseling and bush hammering, which bring the white component of the work to the surface and give the object a three-dimensional aspect.

Other typical techniques confer vitality, richness and elegance to coverings.

The Backface structure, for example, highlights longitudinal marks produced by the calibrator on the back of the stone. These rigorous marks give the object an elegant, sober look.

The Chiselled structure, on the other hand, highlights the manual breakage of the stone and underscores the original, unfinished, natural structure.

The Triple structure, available in 20x120 format, is made by combining three different structures: Backface, Chiselled and smooth. The result is an interplay of volumes, created to make the walls much more dynamic.

The interesting apparatus of 6x25 bricks has a random combination of 14 different graphic patterns made by just as many types of stone working techniques, all on the same color, to give a more decisive and unique look. Bricks in the format 12,5x25 have similar patterns to larger ones, and are ideal for both wall coverings and flooring.

To complete the already vast series of formats, we have created a decorative apparatus made from different types of mosaics with rectangular tiles and slats that, depending on the layout, guarantee visual effects that are even more dynamic and volumetric.

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