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Tele di Marmo Precious by Emilceramica

Inspired by the gleaming purity of quartz crystals Tele di Marmo Precious is the new collection by Emilceramica meant to be a magnificent interior design tool.

Earth and water in the surfaces Provenza

The ceramic collection Terraquea by Provenza, Emilgroup’s brand, interprets the evocative power of the ancient workings of natural elements.

Make way for top design: Level by Emilgroup

La nuova linea di lastre ceramiche nel formato 160x320 progettato da Emilgroup per consentire la massima modularità e versatilità al prodotto.

StoneTalk: an "archetypal" stone

Stone Talk by Ergon (Emilgroup) features the authenticity and the ability to pick up and focus on the most surprising details of stone working.

Emilceramica presents "Tele di marmo"

The Tele di Marmo collection is a tribute to one of the most beautiful, noble and durable materials, suitable for embellishing spaces with elegance and architectural strength.


Be-Square: the new decorative tiles by Emilceramica

Be-Square by Emilceramica celebrates the most essential and pure aspect of concrete, a neutral and very impactful, versatile and timeless material.

Travertino inspiration for Eterna by Emilceramica

Eterna by Emilceramica is the collection freely inspired by ageless Travertine stone.

Piase Collection by Emilceramica

Piase is a gres porcellanato collection for floorings and coverings by Emilceramica that contains variety, since it expresses the processes by which this extraordinary stone is transformed, from the time of quarrying until its final acquisition of new forms and meanings.

Marazzi acquires Italian tile producer Emilceramica

The agreement for the acquisition of the historic Fiorano Modenese-based ceramic company was signed on 20 January and will be finalised following approval from the Antitrust Authorities.

ADI Ceramics Design Award 2016 winners

The Award honours the most innovative products showcased by the Italian ceramic industry. 


Emilceramica presents EVO-Q

A quartzite that interprets current trends, an expression of a sober taste through the natural colors of stone, white, sand, light grey and dark grey.