Make way for top design: Level by Emilgroup

Make way for top design: presenting Level, the new line of ceramic slabs in the 160x320 cm size designed by Emilgroup to enable unrivalled modularity and versatility and open out new horizons for architecture and interior design.

With Level, Emilgroup raises the beauty of large-sized surfaces to new heights: exquisite looks encounter the excellence of porcelain stoneware, giving birth to innovative design projects. The two variants, 6.5 mm rectified in the 160x320 cm size and 12 mm unrectified in the 162x324 cm size, allow the creation of tops and backsplashes for kitchens and bathrooms, worktops, tables, doors, and seamless covering solutions for floors and walls, even outdoors, with a degree of detail, versatility of application and personalisation previously unimaginable. There are four looks available: marble, cement, solid colours and design. 

Level exploits not only the beauty of porcelain stoneware surfaces, but above all their performances. Level cannot be scratched or scored by blades or other objects, its colour and structure remain unaffected by exposure to sources of heat, it cannot be altered by chemical agents or other particularly acidic or harsh products or foodstuffs, and, since it is not porous, it does not trap bacteria, moulds or other harmful agents, allowing excellent hygiene. Easy care is another advantage: just water and ordinary cleaning products. Level is therefore a fine aesthetic and functional solution for the worktops of contemporary kitchens, and marks a new stage in the fresh product research and development so central to Emilgroup's innovative philosophy.