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PAVE AND GO by Emilgroup

An innovative interlocking joint system for extremely easy, quick, versatile installation of indoor and outdoor pavings with outstanding technical performances. PAVE AND GO system by Emilgroup allows very fast, trouble-free installation without the use of cement screeds or other adhesives.

A strong "Medley" for the Venetian terrazzo effect

The Venetian terrazzo flooring is the inspiring material of Ergon (Emilgroup brand) for the creation of a new trendy ceramic line

Make way for top design: Level by Emilgroup

La nuova linea di lastre ceramiche nel formato 160x320 progettato da Emilgroup per consentire la massima modularità e versatilità al prodotto.

StoneTalk: an "archetypal" stone

Stone Talk by Ergon (Emilgroup) features the authenticity and the ability to pick up and focus on the most surprising details of stone working.