Earth and water in the surfaces Provenza

The ceramic collection Terraquea by Provenza, Emilgroup’s brand, interprets the evocative power of the ancient workings of natural elements such as earth and water, rediscovering their exceptional contemporary. Two main projects are Terre and Aquee.

The first series proposes 4 earth colors, which are the declinations of the shades of the earth that represents its origin: including straw and ash-grey, all colors are opaque, textured, full-bodied and dusty to express the essential features of earthen materials.

The new form of beauty Aquee majolica is the result of the enameling of the earthenware. The surface is shiny; the appeal is to the ancient enameled and painted artifacts. The Aquee majolica reproduces the vibrant reflections and nuances of the combination between water and the different colors of earth, to offer the finest contemporary design new expressive possibilities. There are 5 pastel colors available, in the 15x15 format, polished and non-rectified.

Alongside the solid color majolica, Terraquea also proposes the decorated ones, mixing different styles: this is the majolica Lenzi, available in the 15x15 cm format.