Be-Square: the new decorative tiles by Emilceramica

Be-Square by Emilceramica celebrates the most essential and pure aspect of concrete, a neutral and very impactful, versatile and timeless material.

Created in sizes of 60x120, 60x60, 30x60, 80x80 (both natural and semi-polished), 40x80, in 4 trendy colours from Avorio to Nero, Be-Square stands out in the 120x240 and 120x120 slabs, creating linear, seamless surfaces, ideal for the walls of urban spaces and city lofts.

The collection is embellished by a mix of 9 decorated cement tiles of 20x20 size, with nuances balanced in their intensity, and by a mix of 20x20 majolica tiles having a tactile surface consisting of matt and glossy contrasts. A single decoration was chosen from both mixes of cement and majolica tiles to create strongly characterised decorative surfaces having huge aesthetic impact.

The decorative pieces are completed with a project of 30x30 two-colour Concrete/Black, Ivory/Sand tiles in which the geometric figures of circles and squares alternate.