Italgraniti presents Essence

The new Essence ceramic collection expresses the original character of oak, the wood species most widely used in interior design.

With four colours, two thicknesses and the possibility of creating chevron installations, Essence offers architects and designers hyper-realistic, high-performance wood-effect surfaces that meet the aesthetic and technical demands of contemporary living.

The collection is manufactured with the innovative RealUp® technology, which gives surfaces an unprecedented sense of authenticity. The combined action of two digital decorating machines enriches the body with three-dimensionality; perfectly consistent graphic textures are then applied onto the same body.

With RealUp® the colour, knot structure and veins match without any margin for error; the grain of the ceramic slats takes on an authentic three-dimensionality. The overall surface design achieves unique depth and level of detail, imparting an unprecedented material richness.

Essence collection introduces also Wild, a wall cladding in large 120x280 cm Mega ® slabs and 120x60 cm porcelain stoneware. The trendy foliage decorative theme projects a dramatic and seductive outsize on the walls.

Among the possible uses of Essence, outdoor floorings enhance its exceptional natural spirit in highly stressed contexts. OPEN® is the extra-thick 20 mm porcelain stoneware dedicated to outdoor use: exceptionally resistant, frost-proof and non-deformable, it gives landscape design great installation flexibility. The OPEN® version also includes all the special pieces required to precisely finish pool edges and walkways.