From Fiandre, the appeal of Bourgogne stone

When developing its collections, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces often draws inspiration from traditional architecture and the natural materials used by local artisans to create iconic works in their home countries. And this is exactly how Roc de Bourgogne came about, inspired by the famous stone from Bourgogne, where the material has been used to create countless stunning works. A quick look at the houses and hotels of the city of Dijon is enough to admire the mastery with which the stone has been used as a building material and the apparent ease with which the stone itself as maintained its beauty over time.

Drawing inspiration from the world-famous Bourgogne stone, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces has created a collection whose dynamic aesthetic effect perfectly recreates the stunning original textural on a hi-tech surface. The collection delivers all of the benefits of porcelain stoneware, which the company produces according to a highly sustainable approach.

The three colours available offer neutral tones that are suitable for various types of interior. The “cloudy” effect brings a sense of dynamism to the surfaces, evoking the varied appearances of the natural material. Roc Beige has a warm yet delicate colour, while Roc Gris recreates a looming, autumnal day and Roc Blanc offers a lighter colour, conjuring up images of ghost-like ice.

The wide range of sizes, thicknesses and finishes offers designers and architects the chance to work with a dynamic surface for both indoor and outdoor use as part of flooring, tiling and glued and ventilated facade projects. From privates residences to retail, public spaces and areas featuring high footfall, Fiandre Architectural Surfaces products strike the perfect balance between tradition, innovation, performance and sustainable to ensure they can be used in any setting.

*Technical specifications:

  • Collection: Roc de Bourgogne
  • Colours: Roc Beige, Roc Gris, Roc Blanc
  • Sizes (cm) / Thickness (mm) / Finish:
    • 120X60 / 9 mm / Semi-polished R9 or R10 B
    • 60X60 / 9 mm / Semi-polished R9 or R10 B
    • 60X30 / 9 mm / Semi-polished R9 or R10 B
    • 120X60 / 9 mm / Structured R11
    • 60X60 / 9 mm / Structured R11
    • 60X30 / 9 mm / Structured, R11
    • 120X60 / 20 mm / Structured R11 A+B_C
    • 60X60 / 20 mm / Structured R11 A+B_C
  • Special editions:
    • 30x60 / 9 mm shoulder / Semi-polished
    • 9X60 / 9 mm skirting / Semi-polished
    • 30x60 / 9 mm shoulder / Structured
    • 9X60 / 9 mm skirting / Structure