FMG presents "Highway", the industrial-style surfaces

FMG Fabbrica Marmi e Graniti extends its MaxFine catalog with Highway, the latest technical porcelain stoneware surface with a decidedly contemporary edge. The rough appearance of manually laid concrete is revisited in a softer look, as a result of subtle graphics and tonal shading that lift the solid background. Careful selection of neutral shades - White, Grey and Black - allows MaxFine Highway’s aesthetic minimalism to seamlessly complement other FMG collections in an unprecedented visual and sensory perception of space. The Natural finish and large formats, including 300x100, 150x100 and 100x100cm, heighten the creative potential of the colors and materials, making both residential and commercial spaces unique.

FMG technical ceramics’ unique features, such as resistance to scratches, abrasion, fungi, mold, stains, chemicals, UV rays and adverse weather, alongside hygiene properties and low maintenance, make them ideal for a myriad of uses. Equally suitable for walls, floors, practical working or kitchen surfaces and architectural features, not to mention renovation and refurbishment projects, they can be laid directly on existing surfaces, avoiding unnecessary demolition work. MaxFine large format porcelain can also be used on external facades, giving the opportunity to improve the building’s energy efficiency and thermo-acoustic insulation.

With MaxFine Highway, FMG not only provides simple ceramic surfaces but rather wideranging solutions, exceptional designs that interpret a variety of modern lifestyles. A smart option not only from an aesthetic and practical point of view but also sustainable, being completely recyclable and manufactured from natural raw materials in zero-emission factories.

*technical info

  • MAXFINE / Highway
  • Material: Porcelain stoneware
  • Colors: White, Grey, Black
  • Formats: 300x100; 150x100; 100x100cm
  • Finish: Natural
  • Thickness: 6mm