Fondovalle and LB: the success of the large slabs with through-passing vein

At the exhibition Coverings (Atlanta-USA, May 8-11, 2018), the large slabs 2 cm thick with through-passing vein had a great success. The product were presented at the North American event as the result of the collaboration between Ceramica Fondovalle and LB.

The porcelain stoneware surfaces were exclusively made with the Naturetech technology by LB, which can create on the product aesthetic effects replicating the uniqueness and refinement of natural materials. These effects - wood, marble, granite, natural stones – include the vain passing through the mass, particularly visible on the thickened slabs.

Among these new special collections, the innovative MyTop stands out as it expands the concept of ceramic coating towards new spatial and design dimensions, becoming the perfect choice for contexts with an ultra-contemporary charm.

The two Italian companies, Ceramica Fondovalle and LB, have started a successful collaboration that aims to offer a ceramic product to be used everywhere, thus including not only the more traditional uses such as on floors and walls, but presenting it as a true piece of furniture.

Moreover, this creative partnership has been recently strengthened at the Fuorisalone, with the project “DESIGN ISLAND - IL CASTELLO DORATO”, made in collaboration with the architect Francesco Lucchese.