Gerflor: a mineral patchwork for the new vinyl floor

Medley is the finish of the line HQR by Gerflor, which proposes a patchwork of stones: a new version of the vinyl material that bases on the light effect obtained by combining different mineral essences.

Gerflor "Stone Effect" solutions offer collections that preserve all the appeal of natural stones besides ensuring the high technical performance of PVC. The surface Medley, with the 3D printing, offers a pleasant visual effect and an extremely truthful tactile sensation, as each tile appears in relief.

The line, available in two versions - Pearl and Brown, with colder or warmer tones – has been created for a residential use, although it can be used in the semi-contract sector too: residences, offices, waiting rooms, shops and hotels. Thanks to a thickness of 3.10 mm, a wear layer of 0.50 mm and its resistance to stains, scratches and pedestrian traffic, the product is in fact also suitable for areas with heavy traffic. Moreover, the noise-reduction of the surface - equal to 16 dB - makes it suitable for rooms on the upper floors and for apartment’s buildings.

Finally, Medley can be easily installed: the HQR rolls do not need any preparation of the substrate and do not require the use of glues, but are specifically designed to be easily unrolled on the surface to be covered. They are thus suitable in case of renovations and laying on pre-existing floors. Moreover, the technology GFT - Gerflor Fibre Technology makes up for the irregularities of the existing floor and allows the free laying on cement, wood or ceramic.

*Info tecniche

Collezione: HQR 3mm

Colori: Brown e Pearl

Formato prodotto : Rotolo

Dimensione : 25mlx2m e 25mlx4m