Gleeze: between changing materials and imperfections

Gleeze is the new wall tile collection by Ragno in which artisanship and changing materials recall a ceramic tradition that had imperfection as distinctive sign and true added value of the material project.
Conspicuous hues enriched by rust and iron drippings, typical irregularities of the artisan production process, alternate with marked shades, chips and raised signs that give an exclusive appearance to the tiles, to envelop the spaces with a new-found naturalness. The super-glossy surfaces, concave and convex juxtaposed with three-dimensional structures, stand out on the walls lighting them with harmony.

Gleeze is available in five colors (White, Beige, Turquoise, Jade and Gray) and three different sizes (10x10, 5x15 and 7.5x20 cm), modular with each other and with straight edges for different laying solutions.