H2O: the waterproof wallpaper by Tecnografica

Specifically designed for the decoration of all the environments with high moisture contents, H2O by Italian Wallcoverings Tecnografica is a special wallpaper made of C/E fiberglass, primed with a mixture of starch and synthetic substances, perfect for decorating bathrooms, spas and showers, thanks to its special water repellence.

The SD technology used by Italian Wallcoverings for a high-definition processing and printing guarantees a perfect colour rendering and a great decorative effect.

H2O is suitable for any design of Italian Wallcoverings collections, as well as for customized patterns. In particular, it enhances these wallpapers: Blue Sand, a dreamlike homage to summer; Dover, a watercolour shade effect in the grey tones that softens into those of dirty white; Grey sea, a picture of small abstract and stylized waves characterized by a particular material effect; Miami, a geometric optical softened by pastel tones; Miraggi, a striking illusion with effects of visibility and concealment.