Impresso: new trendy wallpapers with 360° customization

Impresso: new trendy wallpapers with 360° customization

Stylized flowers and foliage patterns, metropolitan skylines and playful doodles, but also trompe-l'œil landscapes and watercolor motifs: these are just few of the new graphics proposed by Impresso, the wallpaper manufacturer that launches striking decorative innovations for the walls of your house, including minimalist, modern, classic and romantic styles.

The new range can be declined in different surface effects – canvas, antique paper, sand, smooth paper –selected according to the desired visual and tactile performance.

Besides the aesthetic research, conducted by analyzing the latest trends in interior design, the brand also pays great attention to the technology and sustainability of the material. The wallpapers Impresso are in fact all based on TNT and printed with HP technology that involves the use of green inks. They are also made with cutting-edge tools that ensure high technical performance and optimal installation.

A high level of customization can be provided for demanding environments. The brand, in fact, has further implemented a 360° customization service to offer designers and final customers the opportunity to design their own “tailored” decorative covering with the support of the company's professional team.

How does it work? Just send an email with the dimensions of the wall to be covered and the concept to be developed on the texture, the lab Impresso will give you advice. A photograph, a drawing of your children, a special writing, but also an iconic work of art: any graphics can be specially developed on wallpaper to obtain a unique covering to make special both residential and commercial spaces.

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