Isoplam® presents Skyconcrete®, the low-thickness concrete floor

The industrial mood has now established itself as a true contemporary classic. Among the materials of this trend, there are certainly the low-thickness cements, which ensure higher strength and durability performances than resins do.

Skyconcrete®, the continuous-surface concrete floor, is an important innovation. As a recent result of the research and development of Isoplam, a Treviso-based company with over 40 years of experience and internationally well-established, Skyconcrete® can be used for internal or external flooring with only 4 millimeters of thickness, combining excellent resistance properties, industrial style and wide customization potentials with 36 different color versions.

Skyconcrete® is good for every type of environment, but in medium and high traffic contexts the combination of aesthetics and toughness of the new creative cement Isoplam can be extremely useful. The tests carried out during the research and development stage demonstrate indeed excellent resistance to mechanical stress from compression, bending and wear, besides good thermal resistance and water repellency.

The performance of the material is confirmed by a choice made by the important interior design company Gaber: Skyconcrete® covered over 1000 square meters of its new showroom in the province of Treviso and 500 square meters of offices. Isoplam® cloudy effect lent an industrial style to the spaces and met the need to move freely objects and pieces of furniture without ruining the surface.