Italgraniti presents Nuances

Italgraniti presents Nuances, the new porcelain stoneware collection of floors and walls inspired by the most iconic concrete. Its minimal look hides a complex material research and a deep chromatic analysis to offer elegant and contemporary surfaces with high versatility.

11 trendy colors define the collection, including sage green, ivory, flame and sky colors. Besides them, several formats for indoors (such as 120x120 and 30x60) and outdoors are available to free the imagination of designers and individuals, offering them different compositional choices.

Moreover, with Nuances, Italgraniti innovates the charm of the Venetian terrace, the undisputed current trend in home decor. With an innovative combination of color, the module Coccio designs a texture that finds space even in large architectural backgrounds. On the other hand, for smaller areas and combined with monochromatic surfaces, it plays a decorative role.

As for tactility, the surfaces are sculpted in a chalky texture that gives them warmth and comfort. In addition, the outdoor modules transfer great plainness to the spaces they cover, with the features of their material, dusty pigments and a complex interweaving of micro details.

The collection is also presented in the version StrideUp®, the technology that combines high slip resistance and a unique surface softness. StrideUp® guarantees a high dynamic coefficient of friction, suitable for paving high-traffic areas; it has a soft surface too, easy to clean and sanitize.