Kintsugi on wallpaper

The JV Italian Design line by Jannelli & Volpi widens with the new JV191 Kintsugi wallpaper collection, inspired by the well-known Japanese tradition of repairing with gold, an ancient art that can interact with European tradition.

The Kintsugi dates back to the 1400s and relives in the patterns of this collection that embellishes the lines with strong colors (blue and red) or soft shades (cream and gray), in contrast with the grape, sage green and powder blue. There are also brushstrokes in gold, silver or bronze dust.
Large vases joined together among peach blossoms stand out in the patterns, like a dense weave of fragments to form a collage, as well as designs that combine the Japanese culture of the small pattern with the classic French toile de jouy. At the same time, you can observe the art of weaving strips of paper and the graphic synthesis of the impetuous waves of the ocean.

You can also find wallcoverings depicting Japanese mountain landscapes with a light line and wrapped in a mysterious mist, available in large panels - 2 x 3m - and two colors.
The various shades of color respect the tradition of oriental inks, characterized by strong tones of red and blue lacquers and delicate tones such as sand, aquamarine, cerulean blue, and snow white with joints in bright gold, silver and bronze.

A rich proposal of plain fabrics completes the range with impressive texture and tones, all coordinated with the patterns. The collection is presented in rolls of 70 cm x 10.05 meters, in vinyl on a paper base; four items are available in metallic (including the 204 x 300 cm repeating module blue panel, also presented in sand color on paper).