Kuspis, a new collection of handcrafted ceramic tiles for interiors

Kuspis is the new AcquarioDue collection of handcrafted ceramic tiles. Various glazed nuances have been applied to the 10x30 size white kaolin support colored in glossy, matt, crackle, gold and platinum finishes, which, reacting in an unprecedented way to each application, give rise to a range of always new and fascinating shades.

For the production the company uses natural clays mixed at 30% with inert materials deriving from the recovery of ceramic waste.
The Kuspis production process takes place by pouring liquid earth into plaster molds, which, through a natural drying process, takes on the iconic cusp shape.
The gypsum used for the molds comes from the recycling of waste plasterboard recovered in construction.

All the machines operate with energy from renewable sources, moreover the heat lost in the firings is conveyed to help dry the plaster and ceramics.
The glazes are all made with water-based dyes, which during the production process are purified and reintroduced into the work cycle.
Particular attention is also paid to the packaging, using only recycled cardboard boxes and FSC wood pallets.