La Fornasa: stone coverings for timeless spaces

"Beauty is written in stone" is the principle behind the products by La Fornasa, a Treviso-based company expert in the creation of versatile stone coverings. Sustainable and elegant, these coverings can be perfectly used to customize newly built indoor and outdoor environments but also for renovations.

Each collection is the expression of a company philosophy focused on artisanship and the willingness to interpret the needs of customers, transforming each composition into a unique piece that can lend spaces uniqueness. All the collections are different, according to the choice of materials, their natural features and the applied decorative textures. The resulting solutions are creative, ranging from the most classic and timeless textures to design textures in step with the current furnishing trends.

An example is the Vis line, which reinterprets in a contemporary way a typical ancient material of the Italian tradition, the Travertine. Vis style is in the skillful embroideries on natural stone, in the elegance of the textures and in the weaving of the mosaics, meeting all decoration needs.

Geometries and patinated finishes characterize the travertine line Virtus. The central point of the decoration in this collection is Mosaico Vero that, with its processing, recalls ancient and Byzantine mosaics, handmade with care and dedication.

Finally, the Blu Casanova line stands out for its strong design approach, on which the stone takes on rich iridescent shades.