Lapitec surfaces for exclusive outdoor projects

From collaborations with international names such as Roda, Dedon, and Exteta, to outdoor flooring and the lining of swimming pools in the most exclusive settings: due to its technical features, Lapitec has rapidly acquired a leading role in the field of exterior design since entering the market in 2012.

The material, formed from a mixture of 100% natural mineral powders and offered in 3 collections, 17 shades and 7 surface textures, possesses excellent technical characteristics that make it ideal for use in open air spaces - whether public or private - including in direct contact with running water and in salt water environments.

The quality of Lapitec is reinforced by 25 patents that guarantee its resistance to UV rays (no fading), weather and changes in temperature, as well as fire, scratches, knocks, chemicals and acids. In addition, its pore-free surface prevents fungus and bacteria from breeding and is completely waterproof and easy to clean.

All of these features mean Lapitec is ideal for table tops, coffee tables and outdoor accessories - particularly in smooth, satin or glossy finishes - and as a surface in the design of terraces, floorings and pools, where a coarser, anti-slip finish is preferable.

The different surface textures of the slabs, available in sizes up to 3365 mm long and 1500 mm wide, and the wide range of shades, guarantee extreme versatility of use and increase the material's suitability for numerous architectural requirements, with fully customisable solutions.