The limestone in the porcelain stoneware by Edilcuoghi

Edilcuoghi - the ceramic brand by Kale Italia - presents its new collection “Everyday”, a nature-inspired porcelain stoneware that reminds the aesthetics of limestones.

The series offers a range of surfaces for floors and walls, which are marked by a strong color shading and the typical materiality of the stone of which it recovers its appearance. The collection can be used for both residential and commercial areas with a natural and contemporary look, thanks to the five colors available: Snow, Wheat, Platinum, Sage and Charcoal.

The modular formats 60x60, 30x60, 30x30, 10x30, declined on a thickness of 9.5 mm, are suitable for a variety of compositions, while the small brick 10x30, inspired by tradition, creates walls and details with an urban style. “Everyday” is completed by the spaccatella mosaic and the bricks mosaic, which lend a more decorative effect.