Linee collection: the encounter between marble and metal

Savema presents a new collection designed by gumdesign that contaminates marble with metal - declined in numerous material and surface variants - to generate vertical storage surfaces: shelves dedicated to the bathroom and kitchen environment, shelving or real bookcases for the living area or customized solutions for the living and/or contract space.

The metal - in the specific case brass - is laser worked and welded manually, etched with artisanal sensitivity and perfectly assembled to be inserted in the milling of the stone slab.

The marble Arabescato Corchia - slab thickness 2 cm - sees the generation of a regular geometric pattern with CNC and a perfect response in the final assembly with the metal plates. An innovative internal processing sequence based on research generates the Moonface finish - extremely material and natural, to bring the stone back to its "organic" origin, enhancing the beauty and imperfections: every single slab becomes a unique and inimitable piece.

We do not add decorations on the surface of the stone. Subtraction adds beauty, preserving the very essence of matter. These textures are produced with subsequent cycles of mechanical processing, using a combination of technologies, partly traditional, partly developed internally. Each step of the process is environmentally friendly, without the use of chemicals or other additives.

Technical description

Technical description Panels 100x75 to 2 cm thick marble Arabescato Corchia. Surface worked with Organic Moonface finish. Canals 10 mm deep that form rectangular designs 150x75 mm, used as a place of interlocking of metal elements. Brass inserts OY63, thickness 20/10, laser cut fiber. Polished and burnished surfaces, scotch-brite brushing. Surface protection with hardened matte primer.