M+ new collections: sizes and maximum customization

M+ continues its journey of reinterpreting surfaces, opening up to new collaborations and new formats.

Special marks: larger sizes and maximum customization.

New porcelain stoneware collections composed of modules with larger dimensions, specifically designed for flooring, as well as for covering.

If the dimensions of the modules grow, however, M+ DNA does not change: the idea of mosaic evolves in unconventional directions, diverted to a concept of ideally seamless surface. To enrich M+ range, there are 4 collections: Primal, Spike, XXL and Crack!. 4 different stories united by the desire to break the schemes.

Primal, design LO STUDIO + Massimo Nadalini

Based on research on the recovery of antique floors, where elements of different materials coexist harmoniously, Primal is the new M+ collection designed by LO STUDIO and Massimo Nadalini. A series of porcelain tiles designed for both wall and floor coverings, indoors and outdoors.

"We wanted to design a material that would escape an exact cataloguing", explain LO STUDIO and Massimo Nadalini. "We started from the patches of ancient floors in which the original surface, worn or broken, is sealed with portions of new material creating irregularities and randomness of patterns on the surface".

An inspiration that translates into a surface that is not perfectly smooth, characterized by chromatic changes and an aesthetic in seeded distributed in a non-homogeneous way. Primal is made of glazed porcelain stoneware, with a thickness of 10 mm, available in 5 colours in the 90x90 cm format and in 3 colours in the 60x120 cm format. Primal has 2 derived products (so called REWORK): Crack! and XXL.

Spike, design Ludovica+Roberto Palomba – preview 2023

Geometry, rhythm and light. These are the elements that give life to Spike, the new collection designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba for M+.

"For Spike, we have highlighted a graphic element with a strong tactile appeal, for a formal rigor able to offer multiple suggestions," say Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba.

Born from the desire to subvert classic geometries, the Spike collection combines rigor and creative freedom. The heart of the project is a geometric design with straight lines. A repeated graphic sign that gives rise to unexpected optical games, when the light is reflected on the surface. The direction of the modules can change, allowing Spike to take on a completely different image from one setup to another, offering designers ample possibilities for customization. M+ Press Office Via Valle d’Aosta 46 La-Kini | PR & Media Relations Sassuolo (MO) - Italy Laura Chini T + 39 0536995811 Via S. Ammirato 39| Firenze | IT www.mplusdesign.it T. +39 335 5498119 [email protected] www.la-kini.it - [email protected] Spike is composed of tiles in glazed stoneware 90x90 cm, with a thickness of 10 mm, suitable for both floor and wall use, indoors and outdoors. The surface is divided into different portions, some of which are characterized by a millerighe pattern. The random arrangement of the material ensures maximum surface naturalness. The Spike collection is available in 4 colours.

Rework XXL, design Marialaura Irvine 

The new project signed by Marialaura Irvine for M+ is called XXL. A contemporary mosaic composed of small and large segments, square and rectangular, mounted on fiberglass mesh.

XXL makes no difference between horizontal or vertical surfaces. Its geometries adapt to any type of environment, also thanks to the different textures of the individual elements. Textures that vibrate when touched by light, creating three-dimensional effects on the surface.

XXL is a mosaic in glazed porcelain stoneware that can be used on the floor and on the walls, indoors and outdoors. To compose the surface, rectangles and rods in different sizes are mounted on fiberglass mesh to obtain sheets of 300x300 mm. The collection includes 2 modules with different layouts. The distribution of the elements on the sheets and the random laying allow the installer to create surfaces with a great decorative impact. XXL is available in all of Primal’s colour variants, which is the ideal complement.

Rework Crack!, design LO STUDIO + Massimo Nadalini

In Crack! cuts of matter from the out-of-square geometries enter a regular grid, where the joints mark the rhythm of the gaze. Crack!, the collection designed by LO STUDIO and Massimo Nadalini, shifts the point of view from the tiles to the structure that contains them. The result is a seamless surface, in which elements and joint make up a single pattern.

Crack! is a glazed porcelain stoneware mosaic that can be used both on the floor and on the walls, both indoors and outdoors. The collection consists of elements with irregular edges that are mountedon fiberglass mesh to obtain modules of 300x300 mm. The collection includes 4 modules with different layouts, to be laid randomly based on the direction of the elements.

Grouting can be both tone on tone and in contrast. Crack! collection is available in all of Primal’s colour variants, which is the ideal complement.