Modern Affresco: a new wallpaper for Italian Wallcoverings

In view of IMM Cologne 2018, Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings presents Modern Affresco, a collection of wallpapers that gives a revival of the value of memory in contemporary living’s spaces.

The concept recovers almost archeological ancient weft and drawings, where floral inlays and simple geometries explode in full-wall backgrounds.
Modern Affresco is based on its used look, which is now rich of splendour.

The collection – which is the result of an iconographic research conducted by the creative team of the brand – consists of six hand-drawn subjects, digitally printed with the exclusive SD technology that maintains the details of soft colors and shades, with an amazing sharpness. Moreover, the paper is pleasing to the touch, just like the peeling walls by which it is inspired.