A mosaic of diamond-shaped pieces

As a covering, metal gives architecture a second skin in a varied palette of iridescent shades, oxidation effects and deep colours.

The artistic character of this skin is emphasised by the geometric elegance of rigorous patterns, which are given outstanding vibrancy by a continuously changing series of shapes and thicknesses. De Castelli coverings give interiors a totally trail-blazing decorative dimension, which shuns artifice and showcases the deeper nature of the material, alongside its aesthetic and symbolic value.

The poetic intensity of metal finds full expression in DeTile, DeMosaic and DeSign: three distinct worlds tailored to meet different design needs. The modular solutions provided by DeTile make it possible to operate on a small scale, with an emphasis on the quality of the finishes and the decorative nature of rigorous geometries. In DeMosaic, the evocative power of ancient mosaic art moves into the architectural dimension and expresses itself in both small and large surfaces. Thanks to made-to-measure production, DeSign breaks free from all dimensional constraints, to offer maximum freedom of composition.

De Castelli’s creativity is not limited to its wide range of coverings. Designed to complement the three ranges of coverings, the DeFrame collection dives deeper into the artistic dimension. Developed around the aesthetic research of interior designers, graphic designers and architects experimenting with formats, textures and finishes, DeFrame offers a refined series of art works that celebrate the nobility of the material. DeTile, DeMosaic, DeSign and DeFrame: De Castelli presents four ways of interpreting a single material, with a view to multiplying its applications and equipping designers with inimitable new forms and solutions.