“Natura” inspiration for new rubber floor coverings by Artigo

The new collection of rubber floor coverings "Natura" presented by ARTIGO - company specialized in the PVC flooring - combines the technical advantages of the material with an aesthetic different from the classic marble floor; it is also supported by a high concentration of natural components aimed at getting products conform to the main biocompatibility requirements for indoor environments, as evidenced by the certifications Good Environmental Choice Australia, Blue Angel and Greenward.

The company focused on environmental sustainability, reinforced by an ongoing commitment both in the production– ensured by the absence of toxic waste, low smoke emissions, and a 90% production waste recycling – and in the research, which culminated in a detailed study on the Analysis of the Life Cycle of its products through the Environmental product Declaration (EPD). This interest further deepened for ARTIGO with the introduction of the innovative substrate with a high ecological content.

Furthermore, the natural atmospheres inspired the 12 colors of the new series; each of them recalls a different organic element: raging from the white NA07, resembling the sun on the snow, to NA06, reproducing the colors of the woods at dusk.