The nature-inspired surfaces by Panaria Ceramica

The several collections presented by Panaria Ceramica can satisfy the desire for nature in domestic interiors. The range includes stone or wood effect, floral patterns, jungle moods and delicate nuances, perfect for any environment, from the living room to the sleeping area.
Nature comes to your home with this wide and versatile collection, which reinterprets the wallpaper in a series of ultra-thin ceramic surfaces. ZERO.3 Glam offers laminated porcelain stoneware slabs, with a thickness of only 3.5 mm, particularly versatile, light and above all sustainable.

The collection consists of 14 different decorative motifs, 5 of them are based on nature, with delicate floral patterns or ideas for true vertical gardens. The Mistic motif, made up of two modules, incorporates the graphics of macro-flowers on a dark background, highlighting the pastel shades of the elements in the foreground. The Hedge graphic represents a floral chain, with sober and lighter shades, a perfect balance between geometric shapes and natural elements. Rainforest, made up of two different modules, conveys jungle power with small flowers blooming on tropical plants. On the other hand, the dreamlike and refined Colorful features romantic watercolor-style floral decorations. Finally, Greenwal offers a true immersive experience, with all the essence of living nature.

Stone Trace is the stone effect collection that faithfully interprets the natural charm and stylistic strength of slate: a versatile stone, delicate but with strong materiality and chromatic features, which can integrate into different contexts, building a perfect setting for the furnishing elements of contemporary interiors. Color intensity, surface nuances originality and chromatic balance make slate an elegant background accessory to decorate home spaces.

The collection is available in 5 chromatic versions: the light and bright shades of Glade; minimal tones of gray, with Creek and Abyss; Crest warmer nuances of beige; Hollow, with its dark and sophisticated shades. Besides, Stone Trace instills its expressive power in the large 120x278cm slab, particularly effective for coating applications, to get wall effects that ensure continuity and the chance to cover the architectural spaces like a natural second skin.

Finally, Borealis is a collection based on the research of the most sought-after shades of wood. It consists of four colors that follow current trends, with desaturated and dusty shades. Refined color transitions, shades and graphic refinement reproduce veins and nuances of precious woods, lending a warm and captivating aesthetic, made even more realistic by an innovative production technology.