Neolith Nature and the new sintered stone declinations

At Marmomac 2018, Neolith is promoting an installation that combines design, technical innovation and cooking to present the latest collections of sintered stone slabs.

The concept “Neolith Nature” will guide visitors through a series of Neolith sculptures, within a green area adorned with lush vegetation and surrounded by chairs.

Moreover, there will be different new surfaces for architecture available. Characterized by a gray palette with blue colors and light or bleached wood shades, the marble effect and the Scandinavian style stand out. The slabs with a leather effect in pastel colors are inspired by the warm climate of Miami and the glamor of South Beach. Then, an industrial motif takes inspiration from raw elements and the warehouses of disused factories, reinterpreting the classic Beton of the brand on new concrete effect slabs. There is also space for the bright and sumptuous reflections of a golden metallic surface and a silver one that are based on stainless steel. Finally, they extended the range Iron, which includes many versions of oxides, in which the tones aged by typical coat are mixed.

What is more, the exhibition space will host the renowned chef Italo Bassi for a special show cooking using Neolith countertops. It will be the setting for the launch of Neolith Food & Roll, a traveling restaurant, café and cooking school. Verona will be the first stage of this European tour.