The new horizons of Scapin Group

Scapin Group tells its story through a narrative that features the new range of Ecotone™ surfaces and its increasing focus on offering new design solutions for the worlds of architecture and interior design with Marmo Arredo.

Scapin Group tells its story through a dual narrative that features, on the one hand, the group's ability to deliver novel cutting-edge solutions that take the search for surfaces towards new horizons with Quartzforms® and the new range of Ecotone™ surfaces, and, on the other hand, its increasing focus on offering new design solutions for the worlds of architecture and interior design with Marmo Arredo.

Since its beginnings in 1981, the Scapin Group has continuously innovated its products and processes to make ongoing improvements by creating the two brands that represent the stages along a path towards uncompromising quality under the banner of sustainability.

Unique and high-performance Quartzforms® mineral surfaces, for creating kitchen countertops, bathrooms, wall coverings and floors, bring new charm to natural stone, using the state-of-the-art technology that gives them their unparalleled features of versatility, durability, aesthetic appeal, hygiene and easy maintenance.

A leading brand in manufacturing kitchen countertops and making custom surfaces and unique pieces in natural stone, composite materials and agglomerates, Marmo Arredo is a true example of industrial precision, making the finest cutting-edge technologies available to interior designers, along with attention to detail and artisan know-how to implement the boldest projects.

The outcome of a constantly evolving path, the Scapin Group's new products in 2024 are the culmination of a three-year project resulting from its partnership with Studio Stefano Boeri Interiors which, not only designed the company’s showroom opened in Milan in 2022 but also, this year, has designed the trade fair stand, as well as extending the Chiglia collection of tables.

‘Synapses between surfaces’ is the theme of the 2024 collections, presented at the trade fair in the S.Project hall and at the showroom in Via Santa Tecla. Moreover, with its creative partnerships with interior designers and companies, the Group aims to offer new aesthetic and functional connections between different surfaces and materials, expanding their imaginative and applicative scope. This quest aims to generate new concepts and solutions for conscious architecture and design that look to the future while focusing on their environmental impact.

Questo non è un vaso, Marmo Arredo