The new material projects signed De Castelli

De Castelli proposes a true metal look, combining a collection of design accessories with a special research on surfaces. The purpose is to enhance the characteristics of the material and amplify its expressive potential. By the furniture containers created in collaboration with Zanellato/Bortotto, the brand has developed the handmade finish for indoors. Marea relies in the creation of overlapping oxidations applied to brass, copper and iron. “Watercolor” effects transmits strong material sensations resembling waves movement.

Circle Wall, by R&D De Castelli, is a scenic overlapping of round modules that becomes a wall covering system in which the warm nuances of the brass are declined in its most precious finishes. The projects Tela (a metallic fabric made of oxidized copper) and Glow (an optical inlay consisting of misaligned squares made of natural black iron and iridescent aluminum) are the result of the partnership with Paola Lenti. They can be used for wall coverings and to create dividing panels.