New moods for Settecento's ceramic tiles

Shown at Coverings, the Settecento’s new ceramic tiles focus the attention on different effects and materiality. With "Bistrot", tradition and re-use are living together in exquisite and genuine surfaces. Glazed porcelain tile rectified are available in 2 sizes and 3 finishes, natural, honed and grip.

For "Crayons", colour pigments sketch spaces: the outline and the shape of a very precious size, the elongated hex 7,5x30 become real and true matter. Prestigious and glittering glazes enhance the depth and the richness of an artistic pure white body lighting up spaces and furnishing interiors.

The“Skyline Matiere” collection is instead a revolution in the tridimensional surface’s decorative concept. 3D surfaces are in fact now easier, quicker, nicer with extraordinary and extremely versatile results. 3 different thicknesses (7,10,13 mm) and 2 sizes, the “brick” and the “hex”, are proposed in different colours and textures making this colour body porcelain a “must” for a new decorative planning style.