The new stoneware effects of Florim Group

Lifestyle. Art. Project.” is the title that has accompanied Florim at Cersaie, at the Gallery spaces of Fiorano Modenese and at the Exhibition Center in Bologna.

Among the new products presented by the Group's brands, you can find the 120x280 cm format – which completes the 120x240 cm side to cover the entire interior wall height – and the 120x120 cm with a special surface for outdoor and commercial spaces – useful for important architecture projects - and the 60x240 cm that creates unusual volumes effects. These are completed by the formats 20x20 cm and 20x30 cm, 20 mm thick, designed for new uses such as the flooring of large public spaces with a high footstep traffic.

The new slabs Flowtech by Floor Gres can enrich public and private environments with the industrial appeal of metal sheet. The advantage lies also in the enduring look over time, by means of a matter that is not affected by moisture, wear or atmospheric agents.

Cerim offers Bright Forest, a line of ceramic surfaces characterized by fine colors and an eclectic look. Various types of decorations are designed to cover walls or embellish floors with carpets, bands or customized compositions (Formats: 30x120 20x120 15x120).

Matières de Rex is a new stone effect surface for contemporary and trendy environments. The color palette includes six modern tones to create striking combinations.

The structure of the surfaces of Studios by Casamood, based on fine materials, evokes the effect of craftiness and plasticity of craft finishing. The minimal image of the slabs contrasts with a decorative program that proposes two distinct sets of mixed patterns in 20x20 format. The range of formats integrates the traditional 10 mm thickness with the large slabs Florim Magnum Oversize, which minimize joints to obtain a continuous effect.

Finally, Artwork, investigates the Venetian tradition through slabs with small fragments of matters and colors, accompanied by 12 decorative version in which predefined patterns alternate with irregular geometries halfway between the Venetian “battuto” and the 1980s Memphis Style.