Original Parquet: the new line Oliati Naturale

The collection Oliati Naturale by Original Parquet stands out for its particular finish that ensures an excellent surface protection while maintaining durmast’s natural look, which lends naturalness to the floor.

A completely natural oil applied in two-layers can be used for the treatment. The second coat, subjected to a UV drying which makes the floor resistant to external agents and stains, guarantees a more comfortable and safe use of the surface and ease the maintenance.

Rovere Termotrattato (Heat-treated durmast) is certainly one of the main innovations of the line. Before the oil finishing, the wood undergoes a treatment in a drying cell that, unlike the usual heat-treated ones, is not made with ammonia vapor but by using heat only.

This particular method makes it entirely green, eco-friendly and 100% FSC. It is a high quality product, made of highly selected Oak, with birch laminated wood substructure, available in different formats, suitable for the laying on a heated floor.