Panama, the marble and metal covering by Kreoo

Panama is the result of three-dimensional experimentation on marble, a collection of coverings designed by Enzo Berti for Kreoo that transforms the material into precious weaves in a new way. It consists of a delicate pattern made up of the perpendicular alternation and overlaying of two surfaces: on one side, we find the natural stone - in eight different colors and varieties of veining - which runs horizontally and creates a series of stripes; on the other side, a thin rod, available in golden brass or chrome metal finish, which develops vertically. Their combination creates a dynamic warp with a gentle wave effect, which emphasizes the nuances of marble by linking them to the iridescent reflections of metal. Panama can be installed on walls in various environments, including bathrooms.
Panama is realized in panels of 60 x 30 cm, with a thickness of 2 cm, and owes its name to the famous Central American hat, of which it evokes the characteristic weave in natural fibers and shares the approach in craftsmanship.