The paraffinated pine and the new Ravaioli Legnami decking

RhinowoodTM Pino Paraffinato, the new decking product 2019 by Ravaioli Legnami, offers exceptional durability and dimensional stability, lent by the innovative and patented production process based on paraffin impregnation.

It gives to material such as pine - which in its natural state is not very durable and stable in an external environment - the typical features of exotic woods. The particular treatment modifies its physical and mechanical properties, but does not alter its aesthetic appearance.

The maintenance of RhinowoodTM Pino Paraffinato is fast and cheap: as the wood turns gray, you have just to clean the flooring or the coating with a pressure washer to restore its original appearance.

RhinowoodTM Pino Paraffinato is the alternative of Ravaioli Legnami to traditional exotic woods: it does not contain toxins or other volatile organic compounds and is produced using pine from sustainably managed forests.