Piemme launches Bits designed by Gordon Guillaumier

Born from the cooperation between Ceramiche Piemme and Gordon Guillaumier, Bits is a ceramic tile collection that draws on the Renaissance past, reinterpreting ‘terrazzo flooring’ in an innovative and contemporary way. It features a masterly re-use of valuable scrap materials; pieces of murrina glass and marble chips, as re-processed components that create decorative patterns and puzzles for floor design.

Bits proposes classic manual workmanship - that of ancient Roman Cosmati marble craftsmen– with an industrial and thus mass-produced take, recovering the recycling concept as a theme of absolute topicality: now the ‘re-use’ of materials relives through a technological and graphic application, printing these motifs on ceramic tiles. Ceramiche Piemme innovates and modernises the classic, interpreting patterns and materials in an original way whereby replacing traditional marble with wood. Quad - derived from Roman lapis porphyrites (ruby porphyry), and Facet - from opus incertum (irregular work/random paving), as two distinct versions in square and irregular polygonal shapes suggesting an unconventional use of “Bits”, now electing wood as a protagonist decor, overlaid onto a cement, marble chip or stone base.

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