Remarkable Bookmatch designs by NG Kütahya Seramik

NG Kütahya Seramik's bookmatch collection brings an innovative approach to design. Creative patterns, which follow each other in harmony, offer unique decoration alternatives to the places with today's trends. Bookmatch ceramics with the size of 120x240 cm provide ease of application along with the advantage of size in indoor and outdoor designs. Since the joint gaps of bookmatch designs are thin during the application, a very natural appearance is obtained. The original collection of NG Kütahya Seramik, which carries its marble, wood, concrete and natural stone textured designs to living areas, is in high demand by industry professionals in architectural projects. These designs, which can be used in spaces such as gardens, working areas, wet areas, sitting areas, hotels, etc., add a sense of depth to living spaces and give a stylish, natural, modern and aesthetic appearance.

Marea, which shows the natural marble look gracefully, creates refined spaces with its inspiring bookmatch effect. Marea's stylish and aesthetic style offers a flawless and complete image in living spaces.

Albatros innovative interpretation creates a contemporary and powerful effect in living areas. Inspired by nature, the series creates a feeling of peace and relaxation in all areas of use.

The Bluetta serie, which reveals its style in spaces with its distinctive and eye-catching lines, offers architects freedom in their choices. Bluetta reveals elegance with its bookmatch design, adding depth to living spaces and making spaces larger than they are.

Alavya brings the elegance of marble to the spaces with its dancing black lines on its white surface. Reflecting naturalness with its innovative designs and realistic surface effect, Alavya offers its black and white colors in perfect harmony.

Moreover, the dynamic structure of Barbados, one of the most demanding ceramics of Bookmatch design, is worth exploring. It brings an artistic innovation to living areas with its interesting colors and bookmatch design.