With Serenissima, ceramic cotto becomes trendy

In the material tradition of Serenissima, the ceramic brand of Gruppo Romani, a special place is reserved to collections inspired by artisan cotto: elegant and suggestive proposals, now changed in colors and improved in technical performance to meet the needs of a constantly changing market.

With STUDIO 50, the brand takes its commercial successes presenting a new and trendy interpretation of ceramic cotto tiles, thus transforming it into a renewed material for modern floors and walls. Unexpected metal inserts that overcome the concept of cotto and adapt it to contemporary design trends also characterize the new surface version.

Declined in six colors, from the most conventional ones Perla, Sabbia and Terracotta to the new Peltro, Corvino and Verderame, STUDIO 50 develops in a wide range of sizes ranging from large slabs 120x120 and 100x100 cm up to the more classic 30x60 cm and allows the creation of original vertical and horizontal compositions, both in residential space and in great architectural projects.

A structured surface for exteriors completes the series, in the two sizes 100x100 and 60x60 cm with a thickness of 10 mm and 19 mm, can be used to obtain pleasant effects of continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

*Technical info

• Production type: enameled mass colored porcelain stoneware
• Colors: Perla | Terracotta | Verderame | Peltro | Corvino | Sabbia
• Formats 10 mm thick: Cm 120x120 | 80x80 | 60x120 | 60x60 | 30x60 | 60x60 R11
• Formats 8,5 mm thick: Cm 100x100 | 100x100 R11
• Formats and surfaces Grip R11 19 mm thick: cm 100x100 | 60x60
• Use: Residential | Commercial | Interior floors and walls
• Production: Made in Italy