Skins Wallpaper by Porcelanosa

L'Antic Colonial, a PORCELANOSA Group company, presents Skins Wallpaper, a new range of wallpaper designed around elegant geometric and nature-inspired patterns. Featuring lively colours, ranging from bottle-green to pale pink and silver-grey, the three series in the collection (ROYAL, AMAZONIA and EMPORIA) are designed to open up a whole world of stylistic possibilities.

Buckingham, for example, takes inspiration from 19th-century Victorian drawing rooms, making it the ideal backdrop for velvet furnishings and brass or bronze accessories. Augusta, meanwhile, aims to create a more exotic environment, with the freshness of its multi-coloured foliage, and Emporia deploys touches of gold and abstract shapes, to give the appearance of a kind of constellation, which accentuates the depth of the rooms in which it is hung. 

Skins Wallpaper is available in a size of 53 cm x 1005 cm and is made of non-woven fabric, which has numerous advantages:

  • it’s easier to hang, thanks in part to the use of Skins Fix, an adhesive made by Butech (a Porcelanosa Group company).
  • it’s washable, and stains are easy to remove with a damp, soapy cloth.
  • it offers higher resistance to the fading that exposure to sunlight can cause.