Soundproof Wallpaper: the sound-absorbing wallpaper

In order to meet the most up-to-date needs of decorative wall coverings for interior design, Tecnografica Italian Wallcoverings launches the new sound-absorbing support for wallpaper, which will be officially presented at the next Heimtextil (Frankfurt, 8-11 January 2019).

The new support Soundproof Wallpaper has been specially designed to guarantee a high level of acoustic comfort in all types of environments. This solution offers the main advantage of reducing noise and sound in different rooms (kitchen, bedrooms, study).

Specifically, the fiberglass fabric is coupled to a special breathable honeycomb veil, designed for sound absorption. Thanks to the very small thickness (3.0 mm), it can be applied on both wall and ceiling, thus reducing the noise coming from the upper floor. Soundproof Wallpaper thus gets a value of 0.25 (H) according to EN ISO 354 standard, placing itself in class E for sound absorption, with a coefficient of noise reduction (NRC) equal to 0.20.

There is a wide selection of styles and graphics printed in a high digital resolution, suitable for private design projects in interiors, contracts and workspaces.

The new sound absorbing support for wallpaper further enhances the range Tecnografica, which includes Natural (ecological, made of cellulose fiber), H2O (glass fiber, for bathroom and shower), Fabric (fabric effect), TNT (spatulate effect) and Skin (smooth surface).