SPAZIOCONTINUO: the new decorative resin by Litokol

SpazioContinuo is the new brand with which Litokol debuts in the market of decorative resins and continuous flooring.

Supported by the knowledge gained with Starlike® Decor and its nearly fifty years of experience, with SpazioContinuo Litokol offers an innovative range of solutions for homes, offices and shops. The very short application cycles, the user-friendliness and the endless possibilities of customization - with more than 2000 colors of the RAL and NCS ranges - are the strengths with which the newcomer wants to establish itself in the segment.

SpazioContinuo proposes two ranges for floors (SpazioCemento and SpazioResina) and two ones for walls (SpazioChiaroscuro and SpazioMetallo) in order to leave space for the imagination and creativity of the designer; it aims at the harmony and continuity of the surface, as actually suggested by the name of the resin.

The product, applicable to interiors and heating floors too, with its modern taste effects, is ideal for the embellishment of every kind of residential and commercial environment.

In particular, several advantages are offered:

  • High levels of hygiene: being continuous coatings, they not allow dirt to settle into the joints that are between the ceramic tiles. The smooth surface makes it possible to easily carry out the routine cleaning.
  • Excellent mechanical resistance: the special quality of the raw materials gives the surface a high scratch and impact resistance, higher than any concrete or wood floor.
  • Customizable: thanks to our color mixing system, we can realize a wide range of shades with reference to the international swatch books RAL and NCS.
  • Thanks to their reduced thickness (only 2 mm), it is possible to renew quickly any environment, avoiding costly demolition work and without changing doors and window fixtures.
  • Three finishes available: these are transparent protective coatings (top coatings) applied at the end of the cycle and defining the precise degree of the reflection of light. Matt is a type of finish that cast light evenly giving different colors a more natural look, making them less vivid, mitigating any minor surface imperfections. Polished is a finish that perfectly reflects light emphasizing the different shades and giving a more vivid effect. Satin is a compromise solution between the previous finishes; it enhances the colors without spotlighting flaws.