Styl'editions at Cersaie 2019

After 30 years of presence in Cersaie exhibition, Stylgraph unveils a new Company brand based on applied graphics and an explosion of material. This new project is Styl’editionsGumdesign creative direction designed a contaminated exhibition space able to present both brands in a single and continuous space solution.
Vertical cuts break the perimeter of the booth to invite eyes to focus on what is inside.

The result is a unique composition mixing big sized ceramic slabs with a natural wooden skeleton. Inside, an explosion of small room settings including Styl’Editions new ceramic slabs collections, printed crystals produced with a new nanotechnology by Crystalexe, freestanding washbasin by Acqua-Pietra, metallic furnishings produced by Daniele Paoletti, and some collections by La Casa di Pietra.

An exhibition project that focuses on the experiential aspects of perception and reflection, emphasizing the central area as a true agora, perfect for informal contract-oriented meetings. Since nothing will be destroyed at the end of the exhibition, this become also an eco-sustainable project about the theme of relations, born and designed before the event and able to link different companies that are going to cooperate in the near future.

Le nuove proposte ChiaroScuro, Dieciperdieci, Portali, Trama insieme a Tratto Uno, Tessile, Sole e Luna saranno in mostra presso il pad. 20, stand B72-C71